More Savings!

We are jumping from the Nursery Stash to more savings!

My father was able to find time to dig the cistern hole and finally get it into place by the well. This plastic cistern was found locally off of a friend for $500 which is about a third of the typical cost of a similar one. This is very exciting news because it brings me that much closer to being in my off grid home and also allows me to put that added savings into the home elsewhere. The idea behind a cistern is having readily available water and this will also make the pump work a little less as water is a little easier accessible when demand arises. Due to the location of the pump and the cistern though we were not able to do a gravity fed water system. This is unfortunate but I have been very lucky in other aspects so compromise was fine. The next hole my father has to dig will be for the septic system but I don’t believe we will be able to get to that until after winter when the ground has thawed.

Next week I will walk you through the process of winterizing our bees so stay tuned.



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