Full Steam ahead!

Last week I did some slight prep work for next years garden by Prepping for Pumpkins. But this week I get to peer out onto the mostly empty garden and dream about what is to come next year.

Firepit-first burn

What a relaxing way to spend a Sunday morning by burning my first fire in the pit Luke and I built. I even had s’mores for breakfast (you only live once). I was hoping to be able to build some custom benches over the weekend but unfortunately I was unable to track down some integral tools for the project at hand.

My only complaint is the space for seating so I will be reevaluating the area to determine what will be the best solution for the most comfort and usability.

Another exciting moment was seeing all of the wiring put in and ready for switches and plates. I can not wait to get this project finished so that we can move forward with finalizing the inside of the cabin. I am starting to get very restless!

I also received another gift for my homestead; a somewhat attractive looking mop sink. It is brand new and still crated up so below is an image of a very similar sink. I hope to be able to use it as either an outdoor shower base or possibly even a dog bath for my two adventurous fur babies. I will keep you posted on this of course! mop sink

I am having so much fun piecing together my homestead one project at a time. I can not wait to see the finished result and to invite my friends and family over for a celebratory get together. This post was a little scatter brained but it was a random few days of chores and progress but I still wanted to give an update.

If you have enjoyed my journey this far stay tuned for Nursery Stash where I share a little more with you on the plan for next years garden.

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  1. Can’t wait to spend time up there! It’s going to be a great time. Fun things to look forward to in 2018


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