Interior Design

Last week was all about Gratitude as I begin wrapping up some of the necessary pieces to the home and how the community support has assisted in progressing this journey further!

I am beginning the process of wrapping up my color pallets and really diving into the interior design of my cabin. I want the colors to flow from one space to the next in a bright, light and happy way.

The color pallet above is for my kitchen space. The tile back splash is similar to a broke open geode; each piece sparkles when light hits them. When I first came across the tile it was not exactly what I had been searching for but it spoke to me and I knew I would be happy looking at it every single day! I will cut the tile sheets in half so that the back splash is three rectangle tiles high all the way around the kitchen.

The other tile to the left is 18″ long and will be cut lengthwise to make a nice window sill base and accent. In the photo it looks grey but it actually has touches of powder blue through out and even a slight sparkle in the stone effect. This tile complements the back splash well and will make cleaning the window sills easier. Made a score on these tiles at the Habitat for Humanity and paid pennies on the dollar for them. That makes me one happy camper!

I have not nailed down a paint color yet for the walls or the kitchen cabinets but I am very drawn to these light shades of blue because of how well they complement the tiles. I want to have an accent color in either teal, yellow or green but as of right now it is all still in the creative stage and not set in stone.

The wood sample on the bottom right of the photo is what I will try to achieve when I go to stain the wood floors (after they are installed). Since my cabin is such a small home I do not want the floors to make the space feel even smaller or dark. So all of my color choices wrap back around to light and airy in hopes that they will reflect the most natural light and cut down on my need for artificial lighting.

I also tracked down a beautiful green mosaic tile online that will match the wood stove accent tiles perfectly!

tiles on fire

IMG_2953I really like my color pallet so far as it brings a sense of calm each time I look at it. It also makes me smile because of how sparkly most of the tiles are. I love that I finally get to decide what I want my space to look like. My creative juices are flowing! (Big ‘ol smiley face)

In my next post I will be sharing with you how easy it is to collect your own seeds from discounted or free pumpkins in Prepping for Pumpkins.



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