1 Thessalonians 5:18

18 In every thing give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Previously on Homesteading with a view was my post Continued Last Minute Fall Gardening where I discussed some of the fall projects for the garden outside as well as outside.

I have been continuously blessed by the people in my life who are over joyed to participate in my journey in anyway that they can. It seems like weekly I am gifted another necessary part of my home which allows my very tight budget to spread a little further to the goal of completing my home. The scripture above is not to be preachy but to remind myself that I should continuously give thanks for the blessings God and others have bestowed on me. It also reminds me to continuously pay it forward in the ways that I am able.

I was gifted a faucet for my kitchen sink by a friend of the family. It is a rather new and modern faucet with a spray nozzle to make hand washing dishes a breeze. The reason my family friend was able to part so easily with this faucet is due to her joint pain which makes clicking the button between the spray nozzle and regular water flow painful and difficult for her. In the process of updating her kitchen to touch less she was able to help me with my kitchen! In all I feel for her having joint pain and for also having an added expense at home but I am so grateful that in her transition she was able to help me continue with my dream. I pray that her and her husband see good health moving forward. I am truly blessed by their friendship. sinks faucet

Another necessary and remarkable gift was from yet another family friend. In her retirement she was able to gift me with a toilet that was from a plumbing job she had completed previously. As a chapter of her life comes to a close she is able to help me in a new chapter of mine. It is so incredible to see this little homestead come together with the help of the village. What a blessing to be able to save even more money due to the gifts and bounty of others. Thank you friends for being so helpful in this journey! You know who you are! (wink) toilet
You all are sitting here looking at this like “Seriously, you’re excited about a toilet?” Well, heck yes I am excited about a toilet! The outhouse is getting pretty funky with the construction workers and well diggers using it. I am grateful for the flush-able upgrade, not to mention the fact it was free! I can not wait to get this bad boy installed. Here it sits next to the installed shower combo awaiting its new forever home against the wall.

And remember how my neighbor had given me that beautiful door to use how I saw fit? Well here it is below, cut to size and installed as my side door! No more redneck dead bolt for me. I am so happy to see the contractors were able to make it work. I will be able to sand it down and repaint it this Spring. Beautiful!

side door cut to size.jpg

Next week will be a fun Interior Design post so check back in!

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  1. Gratitude is a reward all in itself! It blesses my soul to see your attitude of gratitude. Keep shining


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