Opportunity Knocked, So I Answered

I hope you enjoyed my previous post The Bees Knees, if you missed out somehow make sure to take a peak after reading this post.

During an evening of roaming the great wide internet I stumbled upon an interesting website. This website described itself as something similar to Airbnb but with a wonderful twist. Hipcamp is the tent, yurt and roughing it equivalent to Airbnb. As I continued my research a light when on in my head; this is potentially how I can work from home and live the homesteaders dream! (Originally I thought I could be a blogger that generated income from advertising as well as product reviews but as I continued my journey into researching other blogs I quickly realized how tacky that is for the followers and readers.)

With an additional cabin and bunk house on the property I could follow in my mothers foot steps of having a bed and breakfast or rental properties. My parents have been entrepreneurs since I can remember which set a very good example. My only fears are our sue happy world we live as well as the initial and continuing cost of owning a business. The discovery of Hipcamp relieved my worries because they include your properties under their business insurance. This was exciting news for me as a previous sales person in the insurance industry, I could only image my off grid property being a bit of a pickle to insure if I was also leasing space out. Yikes, not going there as I am not made of money. And my other concern of the up front and continuing costs was also somewhat soothed as the buildings are already here.

Spring thru Fall could potentially be an excellent revenue source with tourists and nature lovers coming to local towns like Lake Chelan and Leavenworth wanting to experience something different from the typical resort town experience. The folks that use this website are very well vetted and guests that receive bad reviews from previous hosts are not allowed to rent from future hosts. So not only are you protected by Hipcamp with their liability but they also vet your customers for you. How neat is that!

Hipcamp also assists you in setting up correct expectation of guests and their stay by providing plenty of information on your facility. You are able to create your site to include items like wither or not there is a shower, what style of toilet you have if any as well as other odds and ends like pet policies and additional activities onsite. Another great feature of this booking site is that Hipcamp educates their guests on the principle of “leave no trace” which is for situations like dry campsites where there are no bathrooms available. This was perfect as I do not currently have a shower system for the guest cabin or bunk house and will only have a vault toilet for them to use at this time.

All in all this sounds like a pretty good thing to test out once winter has ended! I already have my site up and running and will be able to accommodate guests mid spring 2018. If you are looking to enjoy a vacation and would like to be my guest visit my booking page at:

Homestead with a View Vacation Booking

I can not wait to hosts like minded nature lovers and include them in my dream come true homesteading journey!hipcamp-logo

Have I peaked your interest? I hope so. If not keep in touch will what is going on around the homestead in next weeks post Put your britches on! where my friend Jamie gets caught with her pants down. If that doesn’t make you wonder, I don’t know what will. HA!


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