Let there be light!


My dad and I did a walk through the other day to discuss where the light fixtures, electrical outlets and light switches should go. The next day he went to work on installing the canned light fixtures as well as boxes for switches and wall sockets. I am so grateful to have such a handy father!

We are well on our way to getting the house wired and ready for insulation and dry wall!   The view in this photo is into the kitchen from the living room. As you can see he has already set 6 cans in the kitchen. I am beyond excited to say the least.

We are waiting for the electricians schedule to open up so we can begin running wire and configure the generator system. The other task at hand when the electrician comes up is to wire the water pump. It’s been awesome knowing there is water on the property but as of yet it is still inaccessible.

Check out the front of the house! windowskitchenarein

In other news:

Below is a photo of my two guard dogs. (Zeus on the left and Ares on the right). Ares is the newest addition and currently only 12 weeks old. These two boys are my pride and joy!


And we can not forget this goof ball, Johnny! I am very excited to show him his new home this spring. 21034733_10159190820250023_5569895470154324048_n

Overall the house looks raggedy but is coming together nicely. Check back in with me for buttoning her up with the Siding Installed.

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