So the well is dug as you saw in There she blow!!! Water! but work on the pump stopped because of the approach of winter. How dare nature do me like that!

22688456_10159441999310023_8006926187016788393_nBut… I had just planted the horse pasture the day before so the timing could not have been more spot on because it helped to hydrate my fresh seeds. October 21st brought the first snow fall but luckily it only stuck around for about 6 hours. There was plenty of work to be done and the weather was not going to stop me. Three projects were planned for the weekend. I wanted to build an outdoor fire pit, put up a secondary paddock for guests horses, and pull up some of the mud room laminate to prepare for the wood flooring that will be installed after the sheet rock goes in.

After about 3 inches of snowfall it began to rain. I had been praying for rain since I planted and transplanted some of my herbs and flowers. God is good; he provided sufficient hydration for my very thirsty plants as well as the freshly seeded pasture!

The pasture grasses I planted were timothy, several rye grasses and Kentucky blue grass. These are hardy grasses that will handle the harsh northern winters and dry summers well. One pasture was done without Timothy as my boyfriends horse is allergic to it and I wanted a space where he could stay comfortably for long periods of time. 22519521_10159438388535023_2911658429890590477_n

Another project we tackled over the long weekend was the outdoor fire pit (Luke and I both took time off for hunting season and were able to do a little work in between morning and evening hunting). The fire pit cost me absolutely nothing to build! We constructed it out of rocks from the property and pavers that came out of the covered patio where my bedroom addition had been added to the house. We noticed after the fact that we should have used a level but I think I can make it look level with some quick-crete in the future. Eventually there will be a bench on each side of the fire pit for guests to mingle and build memories.

While Luke was getting a bit dirty in the mud room removing old, ugly laminate flooring I was out by the pasture moving light weight cattle panels around to make a secondary paddock for my parents horses and other guests. This was another addition to the property that cost me- get this, ZERO dollar! These beauties were hand me downs. My parents had just purchased new panels for their barn and decided the old ones would be a great addition to my property for them to use on weekend visits. Can you say blessed?


Now to move the dog kennel out of the corner, tree stumps and a couple wood poles on the left and Voila! We are in business. Meet the Neighbors next, on homesteading with a view!






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