The Garden of Eden

Here we are again, last week you were able to see the progress on the inside of the homestead through the post Home sweet home now it is time for me to share the beautiful garden and landscaping outside the home.

The garden space on this property is easily 2000 square feet. For a beginning gardener this seems like a huge undertaking so I wanted to focus on perennial foods that were drought tolerant and would last years to come.

I began my search by asking friends and relatives if they had any volunteer starts in their orchards or gardens they were willing to part with. I was lucky enough to have multiple friends willing to part with cherry trees, apple trees, asparagus, peppermint, lemon balm, honey suckle, walnut trees, and oregano. I purchased some local garlic and golden potatoes as well in hopes they would go dormant this winter and start well in the early spring. There was already black raspberries and rhubarb on the property from the previous owner so this was a great start to my garden.

While I planted my new delights my boyfriend went into action fixing the old trellis I found in my garden. I quickly planted the honey suckle next to it as I can imagine the sweet aroma it will bring come next year when it is in full bloom and it would also help bring in pollinators to help flourish the garden.

One very important factor of living off grid on a homestead is your ability to access water. Currently I have been transporting water in 50 gallon drums up the  dirt road to water the plants and drinking bottled water but with the next adventure we should see a drastic change in how water is supplied on this meager homestead!


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