Home sweet home

Craigslist is my best friend! was last weeks post about how I acquired two sinks and a wood stove. This week is all about how this homestead is taking shape and becoming a home sweet home.

Bedroom Floor
Bedroom gets floor joists


The contractors moved in and really put the pedal to the metal! All of this progress came together over the course of 5 full days of labor between about four people.

The addition (my bedroom) was walled in and floor joists were installed throughout the house. Plumbing was installed then heavy duty insulation was placed in between the joists and plywood was installed over top to prepare for the wood floors.

Once the exterior walls were all up and the plywood bases were in the guys were able to put up the bathroom wall and install the rest of the windows and a back door in the bedroom. They even put the tub shower combo in before adding the last window as it would have not fit through the front door. Ceilings joists were lowered in the main living space to allow for ample insulation which will cut heating and cooling costs in the long run.

My dad told me “good thing this is a small space, everything comes together so much faster than a big house!” I couldn’t agree more. Long days of hard work really do pay off when you look at the results at the end of the day!

Kitchen wallwindow
Kitchen wall is in


bedroom wall
Bedroom wall beside the covered side entrance
Living room looking into the bathroom

If you have enjoyed watching the small progress so far be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook for some more behind the scenes activities and DIY projects. Next week will be about my garden or what I like to call  The Garden of Eden. The garden fills me with peace and happiness every time I go with in and put my hands in the soil. I look forward to sharing it with you more!

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