Craigslist is my best friend!

As I mentioned before Chores are a never ending evil. Clearing sage brush and doing some pruning and harvesting was last weeks agenda so what is today’s? I am glad you asked! Shopping can be fun when there are good deals to be found.

partial done woodstove
With the tiles
bathroom vanity!
Bathroom Vanity

I always pictured my home with a large brightly painted kitchen and an apron sink. After shopping around for about 2 weeks in search of a large double basin apron sink I realized I wasn’t willing to spend such a large sum on one single feature in my kitchen. Yes, an apron sink is aesthetically appealing but once I came across this old cast iron sink on Craigslist for $25 I simply could not resist!

My father also tracked down an old wood stove for free. (Get the word out of what you are looking for and you will be amazed at how your friends and friends of friends will come through for you!) I spent three consecutive days sanding down the rust, then cleaned and primed it for an almond white, high heat paint. I also found an amazon seller that makes replacement vent and door tiles for a reasonable price. I put it out on Facebook that if any of my friends were looking to send me a “house warming gift” they could get me those. ( I wasn’t expecting anyone to actually follow through with my request, simply thought it was a cute pun.) Low and behold a friend of mine gifted me these beautiful new tiles without hesitation! God is so good! I then tucked the tiles away in a safe place until the wood stove is installed in the house.

Once the paint was dry I went ahead and started a fire in the wood stove to cure the paint. This was to eliminate the nasty fumes that would occur during my first burn within the house. I really didn’t want my new home to smell of chemicals after my first fire. The smell lasted for about two hours so I was grateful to have had the idea to do the burn outside before the installation. (Don’t worry, this was after the burn ban had been lifted in my area.)

Another little treat for the homestead was uncovered by my parents while they were out and about at Home Depot. They found a perfect little bathroom vanity and matching mirror for the bathroom. So a more accurate for this post would have been “shopping is my friend” or “Two Sinks and a Wood Stove” HA! Keep up with my hilarious antics next week in my post about how this little homestead is becoming a Home sweet home.


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