PTO = Progress was my last post about a very successful week off where I worked hard to complete the pasture and dry lot. The work was very difficult alone but unbelievably rewarding once I stepped back and peered at what I was able to accomplish. I said I would and so I did!

driveway cleaned upHaving a homestead inevitably means there will be a never ending list of chores. With fall here and winter quickly approaching it means it is time to get myself in gear to put the garden to rest and transplant any of the perennials that are starting to crowd, this will ensure a full and healthy bloom for next season.

When I first came to this property it was clear that someone had previously cared dearly for this little slice of heaven, they put so much thought and effort into the landscapes. I want to fully restore this property to its previous glory and more, so weekend chores are piling up but with a detailed list I am able to stay on top of the chaos of homestead chores. Luckily no livestock is on the property yet or things would be extra hectic getting ready for winter.

First on my list for the day was the drive way which was being over ran by sage brush. I went through and cut out all of the over growth down as short as I could and then would twist the remainder of the root until it broke free from the soil. Sage is a very resilient plant and took some doing to work it out of the dry dirt driveway. Next I went to work dividing some of the crowded irises so that next year the new growths would have a better chance at survival and have less likelihood of tuber rot from over crowding and trapped moisture. I am excited to see what color my irises will be!

My boyfriend and I also picked all of the plums off of my Italian plum tree so that his mother could can them.  (In the future I plan to dry the ones I do not eat fresh as they are much to sweet canned.) The plums were still moderately green when picked to allow them to ripen off the limbs and to keep the deer and bears from getting to them before we could enjoy them.

Another fun weekend task for me was climbing up a ladder onto the tack room roof to upgrade the old asphalt sheets with a metal roof for longevity. This task was slightly nerve wracking as I did not want to slide off the metal and potentially injure myself so I worked slow and made sure the ladder was completely stable before climbing it each time I moved it to a new location. Working safely on the homestead is a must! If you are alone doing projects that could be potentially life threatening always tell a neighbor or friend what you are up to prior to the project and make sure to have them check in with you periodically throughout the day. This project cost me nothing because I was able to get the sheets of metal roofing from my employer who was going to simply toss it. I made sure to add extra screws around the roof as my property tends to get a little windy in the evenings.

And last but not least I started to stack my firewood! Firewood is a huge must for an off grid homestead. Without electricity I have to find alternate heating sources for my home. I have a small propane heater that will be installed but also a wood stove as a main source of heat. This will cut down on excessive propane use and is a fairly cheap way to heat the home. I was able to collect 2 cords and should only need 6-7 more cords to be ready for next winter. Yes, that is a lot of wood but you should see how impressive my biceps are getting, homestead gym for the win! I eventually will need to create a specific space for fire wood to keep it out of the elements but for now it will be in the covered side entrance to the house for ease of access and to keep it protected from the elements.

Keep your eyes peeled for next weeks post Craigslist is my best friend! The homestead is still very bare of a majority of the essentials so I continue to look on sites like craigslist and facebook marketplace for a score.


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