Cabin Footings

We are rocking it!

My father and his work crew came up to the property for some general labor. The guys dug out the footings and tore out the patios’ half  wall to expand the cabin into 600 square feet of livable space.

After digging the trenches my dad installed the gravity flow plumbing for the sewer drains in the kitchen and bathroom area. The photos do not do the size of these trenches justice. The trenches were big! Two concrete trucks were needed to complete this pour. Holy Smokes! The first photo is before the concrete was poured and then with the concrete.

BR footingCOncrete!

The flat concrete pavers shown above will be removed from this space and saved for other projects on the homestead. Some of them are already being used in the garden for a walking path and Luke and I also built an outdoor fire pit with them in this post. The homesteading life style is really about living within your means and being as self sufficient as possible. I love being able to save materials for future use as long as they are in good condition and are kept orderly while waiting for their next project. I am one of those people that can not stand clutter and I do not want my homestead to become a junk yard or hoarders haven. Footings poured!

Check out the living space all clean and ready for the floor joists  Open back wallPLumbing!

There is still plenty of work to be done but so far the progress is happening rather quickly. Two walls in the bedroom will need to be constructed and erected as well as the wall that was torn off the cabin to allow for the camper trailer to be removed. If you missed that post check it out because Demolition Work is FUN!


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