Demolition Work is FUN!

Previously in Work to be done, I discussed how staying organized is very important to completing the over all goal of being self sufficient on the homestead. Last week with the help of some friends I was able to complete some trail maintenance on the property as well as bring up hay for my horse. Obviously these tasks do not take priority but they were items that I could do while I waited for the real work to begin.

21017569_10159174332590023_23619569_oThe project of the day was demolishing the outer wall of the “camper cabin” and to move the camper trailer free of the building with out tearing everything down. With the help of my father and five hours of blood, sweat and more blood (My mother kindly advised me a first aid kit should probably be on the property sooner than later as both my father and I ended up bleeding by the end of the day.) we got the trailer jacked up, attached to the truck and slowly began the intricate procedure of removing the trailer from its protective shell. 20915386_10159172469535023_1668839898760850211_n

It was one tight fit, almost as if the building had been built around the trailer. Once my father was hooked up to the trailer I guided him out by keeping a close eye on both sides of the building. Luckily with a little patience we removed the trailer with out ruining the building built around it or the trailer!


Once the camper was free of the building there was still more work to be done. My father and I removed the interior wall which was dividing the trailer space from the mud room addition to create a large open living space for the cabin. There was plenty of cleaning up to do as we uncovered a rats nest that was under the mud room floor. Let me just say one thing, pack rats are disgusting and man can they hoard some random items (okay- that’s two things). This pack rat had a fascination with beer cans and whisky bottles (cheap beer to boot). Luckily the previous owner was smart enough to lay out some poison so we uncovered a mummified pack rat instead of a live one. There is much to be said about not having to stress about an infestation.20882234_10159173167470023_4473201221154822253_n


I was looking at this space telling myself “this will eventually be home!”. A little difficult to image with the state of things but I know with the help of my father and his expertise it will become a home. As the building stands now it will need a footing, floor joists, wiring for a solar system and back up generator, gas lines, insulation, sheet rock, flooring and all the appliances. There is a lot of work to be done and a short time frame to try and complete it all. The budget is also very tight so things look slightly bleak but I know God will help provide.

I love that the living area will be very open. I can not wait to make this cabin my own! Stay tuned for next weeks post PTO = Progress where I take a week off of work to show you how to build an affordable pasture and dry lot for protecting livestock.

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