Work to be done


For those of you that missed the previous post on How the dream began be sure check it out so you can get to know me a little better and see the beautiful views this homestead offers. This dream of mine should not have become a reality but by the grace of God here I am looking forward to a future living off the land. This dream of mine will not come easy it will take hard work and dedication, but I believe the rewards will be worth the efforts.

As I approached my closing day on the property I began keeping a journal to keep track of all the projects that would need to be done and in what order. Staying organized is important for keeping my sanity as this is a huge undertaking; the property is currently completely off grid so there is lots of work to be done.

A well will need to be dug, a septic system installed and solar power system put into place not to mention wiring a generator for back up power in the dead of winter. These are just some of the key components for the property.

The first item to be taken care of on the homestead is decided which of the two cabins will be my main residence. After some diligent investigation it was found that one of the buildings was build more sturdy than the other. The cabin that will become my main home was built around an old camper trailer. In order to get this cabin in tip top shape for living through the harsh Washington winters I want to pull the camper out, put a real footing in and turn this cabin into a one bedroom one bath home.

The projects are piling up but I remind myself to take on one task at a time and not to move on until that prior task is completed. Stay organized, take it slow and do diligent work so that your efforts will continue to last.

Something I can easily do while waiting on equipment to be brought out is work on rekindling the landscaping and pruning back some unruly trees on the walk ways. With the help of my friends Jamie and Josh, we were able to trim some trees. The trails will still need to be weed whacked and raked through to bring them back to their original gravel state but for now this is a good starting point.

Another task that was able to be checked off my list with the help of friends was bringing up hay for my horse to get through winter. We loaded a full ton onto the truck bed straight out of the field. It saved me a couple dollars per bale to load it straight from the field so Jamie drove the truck around while Josh and I lifted and stacked each bale. Once the stack was secure we went ahead and headed back up the hill to the homestead. The load was unhooked from the truck and moved into a shed for storage over winter. We had to be very delicate with loading, moving, un-stacking and re-stacking because the bales were very loosely baled. In the future I will not use this farmer again for hay purchases as we broke two bales taking them off the truck bed. How frustrating to be covered in hay and end up wasting a fair amount of the precious food supply. 20708239_10159141407435023_13363132455318819_n All in all some lessons were learned and some progress was made. I am happy to see time spent here and there is starting to show the fruits of our efforts. Stay tuned for next weeks blog post about the demolition of the main cabin in Demolition Work is FUN!

Psalms 128:2 You will eat from the work of your hands; you will be happy, and it will go well for you.

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