How the dream began


Welcome to my blog. My name is Story and I am as unique as my name. I have always been a very motivated and independent individual. I usually set my mind to something and can not help but follow through. My mother always reminds me that my life mantra is “she said she could and so she did”. This has been true in almost every aspect of my life. And I plan to continue to be that motivated person until my last breath.

My dream has been to have a home where my horse is right outside my front door with land close by to be able to ride out from my property for miles on end. Growing up near the Shawnee national forest I crave being surrounded by nature. I want a life of simplicity with those I love and my animals close by. Sometimes in order to simplify, things might get a bit more difficult before they get easier. As you continue with me on this journey you will see just how true that is.

One day in July of 2017 my parents were out horseback riding with some friends from the area and stumbled on a 20 acre parcel with several out buildings and two simple cabins. The lot was over ran by sage brush, weeds and young aspen trees but underneath the neglect you could see that at one time someone had loved this place.

After visiting the property myself, my wheels began to turn. The parcel is 4.5 miles up a dirt road and rather isolated from a majority of neighbors and civilization. This could prove difficult come winter months when the weather turns. I had to go home and pray about it; my first instinct was fear and questions ran through my mind. Would I be able to make this work alone? How would I be able to afford something like this moving forward? If the property is completely off grid how could I afford a well, septic system, solar and a generator? My work commute would be an hour long each way, will I be able to afford gas to even make it to work with that long of a commute? Fear was grabbing me by the chest but yet this parcel had my hopes and dreams wrapped up in all of its potential. How could I not say yes to my life long dream?

I was so at peace on the land, every which way I looked it spoke to me. It was as though God had planned each piece of the property with me in mind. The locals swore up and down that the owner would have no desire to sell this parcel but by the grace of God the locals were wrong. I contacted the owner to find out more about what she planned to do with the land and told her how blessed I would be if she decided to sell this little piece of heaven. She informed me of the loss of her son and how he had lived in one of the off grid cabins prior to his death. It seemed like this was a chapter she was needing to close in her life and a new beginning was in store for mine. I closed on the property 6 weeks after my first visit and the previous owner wished me luck on my new adventure. I am now joyous to share this journey with you and everyone I know!

Cheers to new beginnings, welcome to God’s country. Stay tuned for next weeks blog post about working on the land and creating shape and function to this beautiful homestead. I hope you enjoy being a part of this journey with me.

The north facing view
South facing view

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